The Log House




Log house in winter




Lots of leaves in the fall

The B and B is in a separate log house that has a history going back to the middle of the 19th century. Although old, it has been updated with all of the modern conveniences but still retains a lot of its pioneer character.

History of the house

“Granny” Mitchell, who traveled to this area from the Ottawa valley in the middle of the 19th century, built the house.  She came on her own with her children and no husband.  For the time, this was very unusual and the cause of many rumours.

The First Move

The original one story house was built some distance back in the bush from the current location in a ‘building bee’.  It was subsequently moved to the current location in order to be on the ‘new’ road.  This is estimated to have taken place in the mid 1920’s, based upon newspapers found stuffed around windows as insulation.

The Second Change

After the second world war, a second story was added.  This has two large bedrooms and a three piece bathroom



The house has been updated to improve the creature comforts, matching those of a modern home.




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